Monday, August 18, 2008

Chiroptorium designer & builder, and former intern visit Selah.

We had two visitors with important connections to the ranch. The weekend of August 1st. through the 3rd., Jim Smith who designed and built the Chiroptorium in 1997 came for a three day visit. He got to see bat emergences that were the result of his hard work. I've included some photographs of the early stages of the construction.

Jim Smith, who designed and constructed the Chiroptorium talks with ranch people (Justin is in the picture) about ideas he has for improving the observation room.

(Unfortunately the next 3 images are small and only increase in size a little if you click on them.)

When Jim Smith was working on the Chiroptorium in 1997 he did much of the work himself with the help of some of the Mexican men who have worked here for 30 years. Here he is welding some support structures.

Here Jim and J David are in the finished Chiroptorium and are looking at the interior temperatures using a device that leads from interior temperature sensors are hooked into.

Before the gunnite (cement) was sprayed on, it was a beautiful gleaming structure that was so pretty that we hated to cover it up. However no bats would ever want to stay in it like this.

Kim Kennard was an intern here last spring and was a big help with our programs. She just finished her Masters degree at Tennessee University. She did research in bat biology, and worked with Dr.Gary McCracken. She will be getting certified to teach Biology in Junior High and High School.

When Kim was as an intern here Aiden was not even one year old. She was delighted to play with him now that he is talking and running around. He enjoyed her too.

Jonathan, Kim's friend, and J David talk at the Chrioptorium.

Cory, our tree climbing dog was up in a tree during a morning walk and I took this picture. I think that he looks very noble. He is frequently a silly dog, but you wouldn't know it from this photo.

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