Sunday, February 22, 2009

Margaret's Medical Status

Chris Johnson here, with an update on Margaret Bamberger's health:

Margaret Bamberger has been receiving radiation therapy for brain cancer all month. She had an MRI on the 17th which showed no change in the lesions. So, the good news is that they haven't grown. Also, she's had no seizures, no headaches, and she feels great.

This week, she'll continue the radiation treatment, after which they'll finish-up with three days of higher-dose treatment. Once that's done, her condition will be re-evaluated, and future treatments will be planned accordingly.

Because a month of daily cancer treatment can't have been any fun, there was a large party in Margaret's honor this afternoon at the Benini Sculpture Ranch, kindly hosted by the Beninis. Margaret was understandably tired, but had no trouble coping with being the center of attention for five hours. She was smiling, chatting, and hugging anyone who came within range the whole time.

I'm sure she'd appreciate kind thoughts from her readers. Please feel free to leave them here as comments.


Lorilee said...

Mrs. Bamberger,
I am glad to hear that you have had no seizures or headaches. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Lorilee (Brandon's sister)

Eugenia Lopez-Fernandini said...

Hi Margaret,

I was thinking of you yesterday and wish I could have been there to celebrate you!

Sending love from Dallas..


Mike Natenberg said...

Mrs. Bamberger,
News of your illness just reached Metz Elementary today. Our kids and staff send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

-Mr. Natenberg
5th Grade Metz

Joel said...


We, the students and staff at J.J. Pickle Elementary School would like to take this opportunity wish you a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. On a personal note, I would like to take this ooportunity to thank you for everything you and Mr. Bamberger have done for our eastside students both at Pickle and at Metz. It's through your dedication and committment to our children that are making a big difference. God will see you through this and I firmly believe that anything is possible with God. Again, we wish you a speedy recovery and pray continously for the Lord's blessing. Have faith and may God bless you and Mr. Bamberger.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

Joel S. De La Garza and the 5th grade students and staff @ J.J. Pickle Elementary--
"Home of the Mighty Penguins"

Father of Little Tree said...

Hi Margaret, it was good to see you at the gallery,
Will and Jim Rhoades

Anonymous said...

Margaret, Hello and Blessings from the Roger Tory Peterson Institute. I think of you often and always when I see a bat. If you remember, you were here when you got the first news of bats in your Chiroptorium! I've graduated to Special Collections in charge of all of RTP's beautiful artwork. We all wish you well and you will be in my healing prayers at all times. Hugs. Marlene Mudge
P.S. I have an Aidan also

susan kirchman said...

We will all miss this wonderful human being so much! Tears should fall from the sky today, in her honor.