Monday, May 11, 2009

Upcoming Television Coverage on Austin's KEYE 42

David's assistant, Lois Sturm, sent along the following message today:

To all directors in the viewing area of Austin's CBS affiliate channel 42 and to Julia Gregory and all of our volunteers:

Thanks to an introduction by Bobby Cocke, CBS channel 42 KEYE TV came to the ranch on Saturday May 9 and did a great deal of filming of David's water project which was being worked on by a small group of boy scouts from North Austin. We have no idea as to how the story will unfold, but we were told by Ron Oliveira, the station's anchor,that the piece will be 3½ minutes long. It will air on Thursday, May 14 during the 10 o'clock news. Ron said we should expect to see a tsunami of volunteers and people who want to come to Selah.

Once again, it can be seen on Thursday, May 14 during the 10 o'clock news. We will put a link to it on our website so that it can be seen again.

Tell your friends and neighbors to watch.


Susan & Jerry said...

Fabulous news. I've put iton my facebook page and will tell everyone to watch it.

Sallie said...

That was a great piece. Hope it brings many good things to you & Selah. My daughter called this afternoon to say she had seen it on a re-run at 2AM Friday. She was thrilled. Also amazed that you were 81.